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Ab jab khareed rahe ho sona. Chori se bilkul na darna.
It’s time for #ChainSeSona

As Indians we would all agree to the fact that people living in our country (including our own families) have a unique fascination towards gold. Gold investments are not just about savings and earnings but also a part of our tradition and culture.
However, gold as a commodity may have some risks and issues like theft, making charges, storage problems, impurities etc.
But what if we say that there is a modern and stress-free way to keep alive our tradition of investing in gold?
Curious enough to know more? Keep reading!


The digital way to invest in gold: ICICI Prudential Gold ETF

• An open ended exchange traded fund replicating domestic prices of gold
• A scheme that primarily invests in gold and gold related securities
• A scheme that is passively managed and closely tracks domestic gold prices
   derived from the London Bullion AM prices

If you really need more convincing…


Storage issues

Say goodbye to the fear of theft and the pain of finding a safe space to store physical gold. Now you don’t need to spend that extra amount on storing your gold in lockers. All your Gold ETF units can be held securely in your Demat account.


Buy, sell, redeem: Anytime you want

With physical gold you may want to go physically to understand the quality and look and feel of the gold. You may also need to find a reliable dealer to get the best rate on your gold. Issues like impurity in the gold metal can further reduce your chances of earning better returns through physical gold. However, when it comes to ICICI Prudential Gold ETF, all you need to do is to login to your Demat account and get started. This scheme is more liquid when compared to physical gold as the Gold ETF units can be sold easily. You can also cash out your investment without any hassle.


Cost efficient

Ever tried to purchase gold with an amount as low as INR 100? No? Now is the time. The price of gold is increasing over time, however, this scheme lets you invest in gold ETF units with as low as INR 100 making it one of the most pocket-friendly and accessible ways of investing in gold. This also means that you don’t have to wait for festive discounts to buy gold. And you wouldn’t have to worry about the maintenance cost, storage charges, remaking charges etc.


Transparency and convenience

This scheme invests in standard gold bullion of 99.5% purity/99.9% purity. The scheme tracks real time gold prices and is listed and traded on the stock exchanges. Moreover, you can buy or sell units at the click of a button, from anywhere and at anytime.

Key Features

Scheme Name ICICI Prudential Gold ETF
Inception date 24-Aug-10
BSE/NSE Scrip Code 533244/ICICIGOLD
Minimum Application Stock Exchange: One unit
AMC: 110,000 units
BenchmarkLBMA AM Fixing Prices
AUM as on January 31, 2023Rs 2,718.51 crs
Expense Ratio 0.50% p.a.
Tracking Error0.30%

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Who should invest in ICICI Prudential Gold ETF

If you’re a smart investor who is seeking to invest in gold but want to escape the risk of theft, this scheme could be right for you! This scheme can also help you create potential wealth over the long term.
Simply put, agar aap chahte ho #ChainSeSona
Toh fir ICICI Prudential Gold ETF me invest karne ka mauka kyu khona?

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