When To Retire

When can I retire?

Fill in the following details to estimate your retirement age.


I am years old.
I will need financial support till I am years old.
I can afford to invest
per annum.
I can upfront invest
right now (One time investment).
  • %
  • %
  • %
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Current value of my annual expenses post retirement is

Retirement Age = 00

Result Table


The above is only for illustration purpose. It is intended only to illustrate the retirement age. It is based on various assumptions including that of (i) amount, date and period of investment, (ii) performance of the market, (iii) consistent market conditions, (iv) continuity of investments etc. Any of the assumptions may or not be true in all market conditions. The actual results may vary. The results shown are not indicating/assuring in any manner. ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund does not provide guaranteed returns.